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What Is The Forward-Head-Posture-Fix?

“Texting neck” is a real thing. With all of our devise usage these days, more and more people are suffering from poor posture. Constantly looking forward and down has led to our heads protruding forwards, tilted slightly to the ground at all times. While you may not notice it yourself, looking at a profile view of yourself will surely reveal this prevailing issue.

Of course, many people don’t realize what “texting neck” actually means for them and their wellness. Beyond looking bad from the side, texting neck also leads to back pain and headaches. It can even hinder breathing and make it more difficult for you to sleep. Above everything, it can lead to brain fog--all while aging your appearance.

Posture is likely something you’ve heard stressed about your entire life. Everyone has that voice in their head that reminds them to “Stand up straight,” but it’s getting more and more difficult to remember to do so when most of our days are spent sitting down staring at screens. And that’s where the Forward Head Posture Fix comes in.

Your body has many small and large muscles, all of which play some part in helping you stand straight and look and feel your best. However, there is one primary muscle that is responsible for keeping you standing upright with your neck and back straight. And, in many people, this muscle is fatigued. It does not get the exercise it deserves and, therefore, has weakened--causing poor posture.

Instead of just trying to consciously remind yourself to “sit up straight,” which is far too inconsistent to make a difference in the long-term, the Forward Head Posture Fix equips you with 10 exercises that you can do to strengthen the all-important muscle that supports your head and neck.

Why Is Forward Head Posture Bad?

Many people don’t know that the average human head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. That is a substantial amount of weight to be carrying around, and your spine is the primary supporter of it all. However, your spine alone isn’t strong enough to support your head, which is why the muscles in your neck are some of the strongest in your whole body--or, at least, they should be.

Due to texting and other daily activities, over 90% of the United States population suffers from forward head posture. That means the muscles in the neck are weakening over time because they aren’t being used as much. They are also growing accustomed to holding the head in a certain position--out and forward--rather than up and straight.

Over time, this leads to a fundamental change in how your body naturally holds itself, and that is referred to as forward head posture. This stance can end up restricting your breathing ways and even hindering blood flow, which--in turn--leads to many problems, including the headaches and breathing issues mentioned earlier.

How Does The Forward-Head-Posture-Fix Work?

The program includes the following:

  • Forward Head Posture Fix Instructional Manual (60 pages)
  • 3 instructional videos
  • 1 follow-along video (12 minutes and 30 seconds)
  • Exercise swaps (2 videos)
  • And a bonus video and ebook

The Forward Head Posture Fix is not a magic pill. It is a set of ten targeted, extremely efficient exercises that will get your key muscles strengthened in no time, allowing you to consistently have better posture while enjoying all of the benefits that go along with that.

Right away, you will begin to feel the effects of these ten exercises. Suddenly, your balance will be back--making you stronger, sharper, and look your best at all times.

You know that the average head weighs 12 pounds, but did you know that, for every inch forward you hold your head, it adds an extra 10 pounds of stress onto your neck and back?

Imagine laying on the floor and holding your legs straight up above you with the bottoms of your feet facing the ceiling. Then, slowly lower your legs together and you’ll realize your core begins to struggle to hold them up. That’s because your muscles are not used to supporting their weight in that position, and they instantly feel heavy as your abs begin to tighten and strain.

This is similar to how your neck and back struggle to hold your head up for long periods of time when it is stretched out in an unnatural position. That’s why you go to bed and get up each morning rubbing your neck and aching back--and that’s why you need to find a way to change your habits. When you do, you’re bound to feel better, look better, and even think better as you restore your body to its natural stance.

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Who Is The Forward-Head-Posture-Fix For?

Fixing your forward head posture isn’t difficult, it just requires you to know the right moves so that you can get back to your best posture quickly.

Rick Kaselj's solution to text neck, rounded shoulders, and forward head posture is wildly popular, and for good reason: it works. Thanks to desks and cellphones, most of us need this program. So it's not surprising that the people who try it find it so beneficial.