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What is "Fix My Knee Pain"?

Rick Kaselj has over 20 years of hands-on experience in helping clients prevent and avoid knee pain. As an expert in Exercise Science, Rick has designed the 3-part knee reshaping method to help people get past their knee pain without having to quit their favorite hobbies.

Program co-founder, Mike Westerdal, CPT, actually reached out to Rick himself when he was facing knee pain due to his favorite activities. When Mike experienced first-hand the incredible results of Rick’s proven tactics, he decided to bring it to the masses through this program. Now, countless individuals have tried this system and experienced knee pain relief in a matter of days--not weeks or months. And they did it without the need for surgery, pain medication, or hours spent stretching out each day with repeat moves that aren’t properly fitted to their needs.

The 3-part program consists of the following:

  • Internal Reshaping: This part is all about taking deliberate action to create an environment where your knee is able to reshape itself from a painful knee joint into a pain-free knee joint.
  • External Reshaping: The second part of the program is all about reshaping the knee joint from the outside. This will focus on the things you can do directly to begin reshaping your knee joint into a pain-free joint.
  • Injury Specific Exercises: The final part of the program is to finish reshaping the knee joint by focusing on injury specific exercises. These are exercises tailored for your joint and specific case. Compare this to the work of a therapist, who will generally use all of the same exercises regardless of the injury.

Each part is easy to follow thanks to the detailed video instruction and written guides included with the program. If at any point you feel lost, you can easily go back to re-watch the videos and the written guides contain even more information along with detailed descriptions to help you escape knee pain for good.

Is The Program Right for You?

This program is designed to help you eliminate knee soreness and it’s all explained by Rick Kaselj, MS. Before you even commit to the program, Rick will share some valuable advice about eliminating your knee pain, like the importance of keeping your knee straight whenever possible.

Bending your knees puts excess stress on your knee joints, which contributes to pain and soreness. This can put you into the knee pain cycle, which is only worsened by the symptoms-based approach of today’s medical community. That is, rather than focusing on the source of the problem, most doctors will charge you for multiple appointments and scans only to put you on pain medication or rest.

These things won’t fix your knee pain--they will just offset the pain until you get back to your normal routine, and then the cycle will start again as the pain worsens and so does the underlying problem. Many doctors would simply instruct you to stop doing what makes it hurt. Which, to most people, is the same as telling them to stop doing what they love. Obviously, there’s a big problem in that.


What’s Included?

Alongside the standard written and video instruction, those who purchase the program will also gain exclusive access to to another video guide focused on pain-free squatting. If you lift weights, it is an absolute must-watch to ensure you are doing everything correctly to avoid the pain that can result from weightlifting.

Regardless of whether or not you use the free extra video guide, the reshaping program in itself is bound to prove effective. In fact, they are so confident it will, they are giving a full money back guarantee.

If you are not pain-free in 7 days, they will give you a 100% refund with no questions asked. In fact, you can ask for a refund at any time during the 60 days following your purchase and they will refund you if you didn’t get the results you wanted.

This makes it a completely risk-free trial and one you certainly won’t regret. Click below to checkout the program and find out how you can finally become knee pain free.